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"Holy Shit!!"

When the ultimatum for Iraq run out in March 2003 a 'war' began. I taped all the CNN and other newsitems on VHS. A total of about 10 hours before Bagdad fell. This is a collage of the items of the televized war. The video starts with some minutes of the documentary two French brothers made when the Twin Towers were hit. Only the first minutes are shown. (Total time 36 min.).


"Iraqi Freedom/Apocalyps Now"

A collage of newsitems about the war in Iraq edited like the famous helicopterscene of F.Coppola in "Apocalyps Now". This is a scene cut from the video "Holy Shit!!"


"7 nation army/the White Stripes"

An interpretation of the text through images. Made in 2005.


"Hank is dead"

The intro of a video-documentary about the way in which Hank Williams is remembered nowadays in the south-east of the U.S.. Jeff Buckley sings "Lost Highway".



"Hank is dead"

Scene from the above mentioned documentary.


"Hank is dead"

Scene from the above mentioned documentary. Clip is made for the Residents version of "Kaw-Liga".


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